Editors A.K. Burns and Sophie Morner
2009 - 2012


Randy engages inter-generational dialogue as a means to examine multiple perspectives on queer identity and gender.

In bringing together under-represented voices in a collaborative discussion, Randy expands the politics of art, sexuality, and aesthetics. Intent on fostering un-trodden affiliations, Randy publishes both emerging and established artists and writers.  Through printed content, special events and curated shows, Randy produces an urgently needed genealogy of international queer artists and thinkers alike. 

Randy is the personal and nepotistic project of A.K. Burns and Sophie Morner. Initiated in late 2009, Clark Solack became co-editor in the fall of 2011.


Issue #1— Cass BirdChristelle De Castro Edie FakeIo Tillett Wright Jazmin Venus Soto Katherine Hubbard Lee Maida / Leilah Weinraub / Luke Gilford / Mariana Juliano / Melissa Shimkovitz / MPA / Shannon Funchess / Sheila Pepe / Ulrike Müller / Wu Tsang

Issue #3—Reina Gossett / Tuesday Smillie / Jen Rosenblit / Niv Acosta / Julia Gillard / Martha Wilson / Ramdasha Bikceem (Klub Kid Vintage) / Stanya Kahn / Emily Hope / Sadie Benning / Sarah Forbes Keough / Meriem Bennani / Cassie Peterson / Kathe Burkhart / Isaac Preiss / Clark Solack / Hanna Wilde / Melanie Bonajo

Issue #4—Keltie Ferris / YES! Association / Foreningen Ja! / Harmony Hammond / Litia Perta / Amos Mac / Colin Self / Gordon Hall / Amber Ibarreche / Jon Davies / Boychild / Matthew Stone / Katerina Llanes